Website Critique

“If you would persuade, you must appeal to interest rather than intellect.” -Benjamin Franklin

This week, I’ve decided to critique the website This website’s targeted audience is primarily teenage girls. If I had to choose, I’d say their main style of appeal is logic, although it’s hard to tell by the first page if they’re using any kind of appeals considering that it’s mostly headlines. The technique they use in persuading the reader to look at their website is authority. Most of their headlines are sentences like “Give yourself an instant makeover” or “Vote for your favorite presidential candidate…themed lotion!” Their website tells you what to do.

From what I can tell, does a great job with headlines. All of their headlines are eight words or less, and they’re all straight to the point. Their pages are easy to navigate through, and they talk about what I assume is “most important” to teenage girls. Their lists are organized and easy to read and their links are relative. You can even click on the “Seventeen” logo and it sends you straight back to the main page. Over all, I’ll give an A+ in organization and navigation! The only thing I’d change is their lack of educational information. The magazines mostly about dating and fashion, but I guess that’s how they got readers in the first place. They might just be on to something.

Anyway, that’s my final word.

-The Boss

Question of the Week: If you created a website, what would it be about?


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